10 recipes of chicken thighs: baked, stews, tips and tips

Let's talk about chicken thigh recipes. One of the most sought after by people who want to cook something delicious and simple.

The chicken thighs are one of the most popular pieces of cooking that this animal offers. They are cheap and very versatile. You can make them whole in the oven, cook them, debone them and grill them, and you can use those same bones to make chicken broth.

No matter your level of experience in the kitchen, make recipes of thighs chicken is easy. The most important thing is that they are well cooked.

Tips for making chicken legs

  • Before nothing wash them with plenty of water. Remove the leftovers of fats, skin, blood and feathers, which sometimes do not remove them well.
  • Also, sometimes, when they sting, they have some pieces of organs stuck to the back of the teeth. thighs. Clean all that well.
  • You can divide the leg of the thigh if you wish. If you want to do it, you must use a good knife, sharp, with which you will make a cut just in the joint between the main bone of the leg and the square. This conjuncture can "loosen" it by splitting it. Hold the piece at its ends and make a hinge motion when a door is opened.

As for the cooking take into account the following:

  • If you make the chicken thighs in the oven do not remove the skin, it gives a lot of flavor, in addition it is going to roast and that crispy texture is possibly the most pleasant thing in life after ... other things.
  • Whether you bake them or put them on the grill, I recommend that you make a cross section of 1 cm deep to facilitate cooking. Also, if you're going to marinate, that's where the flavors come in.
  • Another fun tip: you can put herbs, spices, sauces, butter between the skin and the meat, as if it were a filling. The flavor that it takes is sensational.
  • If you decide to make the stewed thighs, I recommend removing the skin. The parboiled texture is horrible.
  • In the case of a broth, you can use the whole piece, bone and meat, but without skin, the only thing that will give you is fat.
  • After the broth is ready, you can trim the meat and use it for various types of stews.
  • A herb that I recommend to season the chicken thighs: tarragon.

recipes of chicken thighs

Recipes of chicken thighs

Not all the recipes below are made with chicken thighs, but they work perfectly the same. Just replace the pieces and that's it.

As you can see, they are almost all in the oven, I'm sorry, but for me, it's the best way to prepare them.

baked chicken legs Baked chicken legs: Easy to prepare. A classic recipe for preparing chicken legs in the oven. Slightly spiced with coriander, cumin and cardamom seeds.

chicken with orange Chicken with orange Baked: A classic among the recipes for making chicken. The animal's thighs are used, baked and bathed in an orange sauce that you will never forget.

chicken stew Recipe of stewed chicken: again I used thighs, this time stewed in a delicious Asian sauce based on oyster sauce and soy sauce.

 chicken legs baked with ginger and honey Baked chicken thighs with ginger and honey: Well as the name implies: ginger and honey.The BBQ sauce suits everything and it's really delicious. I highly recommend this recipe.

recipe for baked chicken thighs with potatoes Chicken thighs oven with potatoes: I think this is the most popular way to cook thighs. They are also not difficult to prepare and the children love it.

chicken with tomato Chicken with tomato : This is a classic recipe for chicken thighs in tomato sauce, quite simple to prepare and that is perfect to accompany with white rice or with salad.

 tandoori chicken Tandoori chicken: This is a way to prepare ideal chicken legs when you want to try different flavors, of course, Indian cuisine is not for everyone, its strong flavors and its aromas will make you fall in love.

chicken with beer Chicken with beer: Another perfect recipe for make with chicken thighs, drumsticks or with a whole chicken. It's easier to do than you imagine.

chilindron chicken recipe Chicken chilindrón: a traditional spanish dish, of all the life that you can prepare with thighs, breasts, or any other part of the chicken. The sauce is a delight and the magic ingredient is: Serrano ham!

There are a thousand ways to cook chicken legs. I'm sure you have your recipes too. Tell us how you prepare them 🙂